End Times Prospective

Knowing is half the battle. Interpreting todays news through the lens of the bible will give a proper prospective to what is going on and a how close we are to the second coming of Christ..images


One thought on “End Times Prospective

  1. With the help of the United States the middle east is increasingly becoming inhospitable to Christians. From Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Iraq the Obama policies are resurrecting the Islamic Caliphate that ruled the middle east and much of Europe with brutal rape, torturous murder and plunder during the time of the Ottoman Empire.
    The bible calls the time we are living in the time that the beast that was wounded would be healed. Again we see the same brutal activity spread like wildfire across the globe. The battle lines are clear, faith in Christ or believe in allah (convert or die). It is described in the bible as the antichrist that will persecute the saints in the end which they are now doing. Don’t give in to them for a moment and hold fast to Christ and he will bring you through.


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